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Tubemate – Since some recent years, there has been an advancement in technology and more and more work which was earlier done in an offline mode is done online.

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Numerous applications have been developed for different purposes.

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One of such applications is YouTube which is a kind of multi purpose digital platform. On this, we can watch videos on whichever topic we want, we enjoy listening to the music of our choice. It also enables us to create our own YouTube channel and post whatever we wish to. By this, it is also a means of earning for a lot of people.

It is also beneficial for students as they can understand the concepts concerning their studies. However, YouTube doesn’t allow us to download the videos available on it which poses a great problem as in case we do not have internet then we cannot get access to YouTube. Thus, if it allows us to download the videos, then, it will be more advantageous for us.

But you don’t need to worry for the same as today in this article we will be talking about an application named Tubemate which permits you to download the videos available on YouTube and save them in an offline mode.

Introduction to Tubemate

TubeMate is a well known video downloader app that provides you with an access to save local copies of videos available on YouTube. It is a free application that allows you to enjoy music, watch educational videos, motivational videos, cooking videos, etc in an offline mode that is without internet by downloading them.

Features of Tubemate

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is a great and useful application which is loved and appreciated by millions of users. The app consists of numerous unique features which are as follows:-

Download YouTube video:- Many times, we love a video on YouTube and we wish to watch it again and again but it requires the internet. Moreover, YouTube only allows premium members to download the videos available on it and watch them in an offline mode which poses a big problem. Sometimes we as students also have a need to download a particular educational video in order to watch it again and again and understand the concept but it becomes really complicated to get a YouTube video in an offline mode. But with the assistance of Tubemate it is possible to download a YouTube video easily. And the best part is that it is free, yes you read it right, the application, Tubemate is completely FREE!!!

Encode audio:- Tubemate application has another amazing feature which permits the users to encode audio. They can encode any audio that they wish just by following some simple steps that will be displayed to you on the app itself.

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Convert YouTube video into MP3 format :- by making use of this appreciable and great application named TubeMate you can easily convert any of your YouTube video into MP3 format. Many of us do not prefer to watch videos again and again, rather we like to listen to a particular thing that may be music, an educational concept, a cooking process, a craft or drawing idea, sport related information, etc. But if we make use of YouTube then it is a compulsion that we have to open the video. Although, it depends on us whether we watch the video and listen to the audio or we only listen to the audio but the video will remain on. With the assistance of TubeMate we can download only the audio in Mp3 format and listen to it whenever we want wherever we want.

Needs very little storage:- There are a lot of apps with amazing features but they require a huge amount of our device’s space. This poses a great problem as the world is going digital and more and more work that was earlier done in an offline mode is done online. So, we need a lot of applications in our devices for different purposes. Thus, we can’t download an app that requires a lot of our device’s space. But in the case of Tubemate it is not the same thing as this app takes less space. This is also one of the reasons why it is downloaded by millions of users.

Data Saver:- We always make use of applications in accordance with the requirement of the data. In case we do not have so much data, then we can’t watch movies on various websites as it requires a lot of internet but Tubemate enables its users to enjoy its features even with the availability of less internet. Moreover, it saves data in a way that it gives us access to the YouTube videos in an offline mode (without internet). Thus, we do not need to use the internet if we want to watch the same video, which saves our internet.

Installing process

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So if you have not installed this amazing application named TubeMate yet, then what are you waiting for? Download the app now. You can easily do so by having a look at the below mentioned information:-

First of all, you will need an electronic device that may be a laptop, computer, iPad, smartphone, etc, along with a good internet connection.

Then, you will need to open the official website of Tubemate on the web address of on the browser of any of your electronic devices.

On the website you will be able to see the download option.

You can straightforwardly and effortlessly get the app on your smart device by clicking on the download option.

References Tubemate

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If you wish to get any kind of additional information related to TubeMate then you can refer some of the below mentioned web addresses associated with different social media platforms :-





Customer service

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If you face any problem concerning the Tubemate, then you can easily get in touch with its customer service by making use off the below mentioned email address

Final Words

So this was all about TubeMate which is a free application mainly used for downloading the videos or audio available on YouTube.

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